In the London Dungeon

I remember the day in London best because we went to the London Dungeon where I was twice chosen to take part in some very scary and bloody shows.

When we left our bus at the Tower Bridge we were divided into two groups. One group visited the Tower, the other group went into the London Dungeon. I was in the group that went into the London Dungeon. Before we could get in, they controlled our bags. Right at the start they took a photo of our class with three of our girls locked into the pillory. (see photo)

Looking around in the darkness of the Dungeon we saw that there were lots of horrible figures made out of wax. Some of them could even sneeze. Then we went into a mirror labyrinth. It was very scary because you could see yourself all over the place, so you did not know where you were and where the others were.

Next we went to a room where a man dissected a dead body taking out its inner organs. In a movie we watched in the next room we saw the big fire that burned half of London down in 1666.

After that we entered a court room. First the judge demanded a man from Norway to come forward. She charged him with being a French spy.  Then she demanded me to step in the dock. After I told her my name she said: “Oh, it’s a boy!“ because I had long hair. I was very angry about that, especially when she charged me with being a murderer and a spy dressed up as a boy and not even doing a good job at that.

Later I was chosen again by a man who wanted to burn a witch at the stake. But it was only a good trick. He tied me to a post and suddenly there were flames in front of me. (They were fakes). Suddenly the light went out and in a second the post turned around and on the other side there was a burnt up wax figure that had an eye hanging out. Then the man untied me again and I could go on.

At the end we went on to the ghost ride, but it wasn’t very scary. Then we had to sit down in a free fall machine. My poor friend Roman got there too late and all the seats were already occupied.  It didn’t go up very high but at the top there were some wax figures telling us all the crimes we committed and why we should be hanged. During the free fall they took pictures of us which they sold in the next room, a souvenir shop you had to pass through before you left the Dungeon.

Marcus Maddock, 7d