Our Class Trip to England

Our trip to England began at our school on Monday, 3rd October 2011 at 7.00 a.m. with a one-day bus trip. It took us 5 hours to get to Calais, France. At Calais a large ship waited for us. After the 1,5-hour passage our bus driver took us to a little beach near Deal because the weather was wonderful and we could relax on the beach. After that we went to our two-star hotel called King Charles Hotel in Gillingham. It was very nice there.

On the next day we went to Canterbury. Our teachers, Miss Eppinger and Mr. Werntgen, divided us into groups and so we started our Canterbury rally. We had to answer 24 questions using our knowledge about England and asking some local people to help us.

After that we could go to some gift and candy shops. Then we went back to our hotel and had a delicious dinner.

Wednesday was the highlight of our trip, we went to London. After we left the bus at the Tower Bridge 14 kids and me walked with our Maths teacher to the Tower of London. At the same time the other half of our class visited the London Dungeon.

The Tower was fantastic with all the swords and weapons. We also saw the beautiful Crown Jewels. Then the two groups met and we made a boat trip on the Thames. We saw many sights from the boat like the London Eye, Big Ben and the Shakespeare theatre. After the boat trip we took the tube to Buckingham Palace. From there we walked through the St. James’s Park to Trafalgar Square.

At last we again went by tube to the London Trocadero  and Covent Garden. The day in London was fantastic.

On Thursday we were at Dover Castle where we also visited the Secret Wartime Tunnels and the old castle from the 10th century. In the afternoon the bus driver drove us to a small town at the coast with a wonderful sandy beach, Broadstairs. As the sun was shining we enjoyed games in the sand and at the sea. We also had time to go shopping in some nice shops.

The last day we were in Rochester which was not far from our hotel. This was a day for shopping and relaxing. After that we had to pack our baggage and the next day we went back to Germany.

Csongor Mathé, 7d