Our trip to England

On Sunday, 28th September started our class trip to England. We (7d) were all very excited. After a long bus and ferry trip we arrived in Folkstone pretty tired. The hotel was a bit old, but typically English and cosy. It was called “The Salisbury Hotel“.

On Monday we went to Canterbury. There we made a quiz about the city called “Treasure Hunt“ and visited the nice old cathedral. After that we went back to Folkestone and went to the beach with Ms Vogt. The waves were big and everyone got wet. That was a lot of fun.

The next day we visited Dover and Dover Castle. It was very interesting to see how people hid in the Secret Wartime Tunnels during the 2nd World War.

On Wednesday we were shopping in Hastings and visited Battle Abbey. In the evenings we played some funny games in our hotel.

But the best of the class trip was the last day …

London was really the highlight of the trip to England. It’s pretty strange when you usually see all the sights on a photo and then you see them in reality! London was much bigger than we all had thought.

We went by Tube the whole day. The Tube is the mode of transport of hundreds of Londoners every day, so it was very busy.

Our first sight was the Tower of London. But it didn’t look like a tower. It’s like a huge castle made of stone. 100m away there was the famous Tower Bridge. I think all of you know it. From the Tower Bridge we made a boat trip along the Thames. There were so many bridges in every size and style, for example the Millennium Bridge. It was shown in a „Harry Potter“-Movie and in „SaphirBlau“. As we got off the boat we saw the London Eye. The London Eye is a very big wheel but also very slow. It takes thirty minutes to take one turn. Then we walked through the city to the Elizabeth Tower. Big Ben is the bell inside the tower. The tower is beautiful – very much gold and stone. Our next stop was Westminster Abbey. But we only saw it from the outside. After that we went to St. James’s Park. It was amazing because there were so many squirrels and pigeons. We fed them and had a break there…

Then came the best thing on our tour. We walked to Buckingham Palace. It looks like a big concrete block. The flag was hissed, so the Queen was there! We made a lot of selfies and had a great time. After that we went to Covent Garden by Tube. Covent Garden was also nice but we had to walk very much. There we could buy some souvenirs for our parents or watch the street performers who presented their shows.

Our next stop was Piccadilly Circus. It’s a shopping precinct. We didn’t stay there for a long time. So we went to our next and last sight. We went to Trafalgar Square. In the middle of it there is Nelson’s Column. We stayed there for an hour. There was a street performer who looked like Michael Jackson.

After that we went to our coach and went back home.

Camilla Mücksch, Belana Behrendt, Rebecca Stahl Gomez, Emily Henßen, Lara Tollmien