A report about our skiing- trip

On Friday, 12th February, forms 7a, c and d began a journey to the Zillertal mountains in Austria. Our bags were loaded into the big coach and then we could finally enter the coach. Everybody found a nice seat. (…)
Then – I think ten hours later – our teacher told us that we were in Austria. Then half an hour later we were in our hotel. It was called „Gasthaus Grünsbach“.
The morning was really cold and we had to wait until some other students had left the hotel to go back to Germany. Some children  went inside to have breakfast.

The afternoon was really busy: we had to rent our skis and our helmets. Then we could go to our rooms. I shared a room with Maxi and Hendrik. We were very happy when we saw our room. Then we had some soup and everybody was really tired, so we went to bed early in the evening.

The next morning we had a really nice breakfast. Afterwards we put our warm clothes on, chose our skis and at 8.30 the coach arrived to take us to the mountains. Then we took the gondola to the station. We put our bags into the restaurant and then the skigroups put their skis on and the “pros” went to a ski lift, and the beginners learned how to ski.
Everybody learned in their own time. Some children learned it more quickly and some students learned it more slowly. After a few hours everybody was hungry and so we had something to eat in the restaurant. It was really expensive to eat there, but there was a menu for 3,50 € every day (….).

At 4 o’clock we went back down and the coach driver took us to our hotel. There we had one hour of free time, I think everybody relaxed and then at seven o`clock we went downstairs to have a meal.
After that we played games, watched films or some people read a book. And then everybody had to go to bed.

On Saturday morning everything was over. Friday afternoon we packed our bags, cleaned the rooms and got everything ready to leave the house and travel back to Germany.
The last day wasn’t great for some children, they were ill. (…) So we hoped that we could go to the bus and sleep until we arrived at Mülheim. (….)
After eleven hours we saw our parents again and went home. And thus ended our trip to the Zillertal mountains.

I think everybody had a great time!

Elias Niess, 7a