Our School Trip

Our School Trip
We went on a school trip to the Zillertal. I think the journey took about 12 hours and was very, very boring, because we couldn’t watch a movie. The DVD player wasn’t working.
When we finally arrived at the hotel we had to wait for four to six hours until we could go into our rooms. Our room was very nice. We had a room for eight people, however, there were only six of us.
On the first day we couldn’t go skiing because we had to check if our skis fit. The following day was my first day of skiing. It was a great experience. At the beginning it was rather difficult but then it was slowly getting easier.
The only thing which was really disastrous was the food. Almost nobody liked it. Most of the time I only had salad and cornflakes .
Time went by really quickly. The return journey was a little better because the DVD player worked again, so we could watch three movies.
I was very happy when I got home. Finally, I could see my family again, eat delicious food, sleep in my own bed, sleep as long as I wanted to and play video games when I wanted to.
This was our class trip.
By: Daniel Anan, 7a

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