Form 7d‘s Class Trip to Canterbury, 5-10 September 2016

Canterbury (Tuesday)

On Tuesday we went “treasure hunting“, that means we did a rallye in the centre of Canterbury. In the morning we explored Medieval Canterbury in groups of four kids.
It was fun to answer the questions, do the tasks and ask the British pedestrians, who were all very friendly, for help. It was nice to see the old part of Canterbury. We also had something to eat and drink there. After the rallye we went to Canterbury Cathedral. It was very large, impressive, and – quiet. We did a self-guided audio tour in this cathedral and learned a lot about its history. In 1170 Canterbury‘s Archbishop, Thomas Becket, was murdered in his own church. In this cathedral they have also buried and mourned other famous people.
In the Middle Ages people went there to pray that they`d always be healthy because they believed that Saint Thomas Becket would help them.
Mia, Jasmin, Vivien, Lilly

Dover Castle & Broadstairs (Thursday)

At 9:30 am we went to Dover Castle by coach. Then we walked to the tunnels that were built in the 18th century in the Napoleonic era. In the 2nd world war people found shelter there during air raids. In the tunnels we watched many films about World War II and learned about “Operation Dynamo“, the name of the evacuation of more than 300.000 soldiers back to Britain in 1940.
After the tour in the tunnels we went to the gift shop. After that we went into the castle and looked inside the rooms. We walked upstairs to the top of the castle and took lots of pictures – we had a great view from up there and the weather was fantastic. Then we walked downstairs and had some food next to the castle. After that we went to the coach and travelled to Broadstairs beach. There we had lots of fun in the water and we played different games. It was too hot for hiking so we stayed on the beach until the coach picked us up again.
Hicham and his room mates
London, Friday

Friday morning we got up very early, because we had to clean our flats and pack our things. It was our last day in England – and we enjoyed our day trip to London very much.

After a two-hour drive we finally arrived at the O² Arena.
There we took the Tube from North Greenwich to Tower Hill. In front of the Tower of London we took a short break and then we visited the Tower where we did a little quiz in groups of three. We learned a lot about the history of the Tower of London.
After that we joined a sight-seeing river boat-tour on the river Thames. From the water we saw a lot of sights, for example the London Eye, Tower Bridge and the “Gherkin“, a building which Londoners have given this name because of its shape.
Near Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) we got off and took a walk through St. James‘ Park to Buckingham Palace. After a while we took the Tube to Covent Garden.
There we went shopping for an hour. Later, at Leicester Square, a street performer danced with one boy from our class. It was very funny ☺:D.
The last place we went to was Piccadilly Circus where we saw the famous alluminated advertisements. In front of those we took a class photo.

We ended this great class trip with our final Tube ride back to the O² Arena.

But we’ll be back!
Lonny, Rita, Finja, Svenja, Sara und Lena

A Trip To London
On Friday morning we finally made our way to London. We took the coach from the Campus of Canterbury University to Greenwich, a city port of London. It was very exciting to see all the sights, because lots of us had never been in London before. After parking the coach we took the Tube to Tower Hill which is the closest Tube-Station to the Tower of London. We went inside the Tower. After entering the old building, we did a rallye in groups of three. We had to answer questions about the history of this famous London sight. While we searched for the answers, we learned a lot about weapons and armour. That was interesting!
When we finished the rallye, we took a boat tour on the River Thames. On the boat trip we could see the London Eye, also known as Millennium Wheel. We were so surprised, how huge it is. That was the biggest Big Wheel we’d ever seen. Of course we saw the wonderful Tower Bridge too. The little journey ended at Westminster. By the way, “Big Ben” is just the bell inside the tower. From there we went on foot to Westminster Abbey and there we took some nice photos of the building. We walked through St. James’ Park. It was really nice, because there were lots of squirrels and ducks.
After passing the park we arrived at Buckingham Palace. We all hoped to see the Queen, but she didn’t appear on her balcony. We stayed there for about 20 minutes to take photos. After that we took the Tube to Covent Garden, a place in London where lots of street artists can be seen. Not to forget that there are many shops around there too. The next and final stop was Piccadilly Circus, a famous square that I have often seen in movies. At this square we took a photo of our entire class. Unfortunately, that was the end of our class trip, because we left to get to the coach.
It was a very exciting trip and I hope to go back to England very soon! Maxim