Our class trip to England


We, form 7e, went on a class trip to Canterbury.
Our trip started on Monday, 25th September. After about seven hours we reached Calais where we had to go through the pass control. Then we took the ferry to Dover. At about 5 pm we arrived at the Canterbury Youth Hostel.

On our first day in England we visited the city of Canterbury. We did a city quiz and visited Canterbury Cathedral, which is one of the most visited Christian structures in England. After that we made a boat trip on the River Stour. In the evening we went back to the youth hostel.
On Wednesday we visited Hasting and Rye. In Hastings we went to the beach and had time to go shopping as well. After that we went on to Rye. There we visited a light show about the history of the town. After a nice day we went back to the youth hostel and had dinner there.
On Thursday we went on a trip to Dover. We had a guided tour through the wartime tunnels and we walked through Dover Castle. After that we had a picknick at the sea and went for a walk along the chalk cliffs. After a two-hour walk the coach picked us up and took us back to the hostel.
On our last day in England we visited Brighton. We did a tour round the Royal Pavilion. After that we visited ’the lanes’, which are small lanes with lots of shops in the centre of Brighton. Then we went to the British Airways Tower. It is a 173-metre high tower at the beach from where you can look all over Brighton. After a visit in a shopping centre we went to Brighton Pier where we had freetime for about half an hour.

Then it was time to get back on the coach and leave England. The coach took us to Dover where we took the ferry at 11.45 pm. At 7.30 am we arrived in Mülheim. We all were tired but happy.
All in all the class trip was great. Everybody enjoyed it a lot. Even Mister Risken and Miss Vogt enjoyed it.

Nicolas Fischer and Felix Liesegang

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