“As part of our English class we read Today Strasser’s exciting book “Give a Boy a gun” about a serious topic, namely a school shooting in the USA.
Miss Pantel had the interesting idea of contacting the author, who is also known under his pseudonym “Morton Rhue”. He offered us something which was very new for our school: a Skype talk with him. All of us were very excited as we had never talked to a famous American author before.

We informed ourselves about his works and his biography so we could prepare some questions to ask him.

On the day of the call we were very nervous. On 3 pm Todd (as we were allowed to call him) called via Skype, and we saw his face projected onto the huge white wall: a man with a short grey beard, short grey hair, a sweatshirt and a mug of coffee. He told us that he just got up, as he lives in New York City and it was 9 am at that time overseas. We were intimidated by the situation, but Mr. Strasser’s calmness quickly rubbed on us. He is a nice and down- to-earth guy so we quickly lost our nervousness. He told us some interesting news about his upcoming book “American Terrorist”. At the end he told us that it’s very important to never stop reading books in order to save the world. We asked all of our questions and Miss Pantel finally  our thanks and goodbye and we hung up.

Doing something like that at school is magnificent, as we could interact in depth with the author of the novel we had discussed and get to know his view on different matters from the book.”

Nico Hermann

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